One of the two opening actors from the intrepid first film, emblazoning our imaginations over the planet which is furthest from. Full size cribbage board for two players. Comes w/ pegs, full deck of cards (SW ones are display but will come w/ stylized, non-SW new deck), and four coasters. They are double-sided with one side wood and the other other black acrylic. Both sides laser-engraved w/ sigil of The Empire. Magnetic top pulls on/off for show-boating to friends and family. Both layers are treated with water-protected coating. A real centerpiece of functional art of the highest order!!

Star Destroyer Cribbage Board

SKU: 000003
  • Approx. 29 x 18 inches. Materials: Plywood, Baltic Birch, Oak. Assort. Ceramic Magnet. Acrylic. Assorted Vaneer inlay, examples being Walnut, Paduak, Rosewood. Stain varies as well. Danish or Tung Oil.