//ARCHIVE POST// Getting a sense that White Papers are becoming the next Geo Cities? Is that too ancient a reference? How about Carousel? Parallax Effect? Chatbot? Digressing...

Like dreams, statistics are a form of wish fulfillment source.

- mal-sourced quote perhaps said by a French dead dude

When parody becomes a game, then the game is afoot. We are plump with blockchain-polooza now, all dilly dilly in the ICO dalliance of lunacy; they are no popping up at the same rate as micro-breweries. Look out Bitcoin Coffee. With that comes all the marketing trappings with this industry. The whitepaper was born of admonishment; now, it is a diplomat nearly exclusive to science's court, to our beneficence.

The Centerpiece of Blockchain Startups: GOOD, BAD, & FUGLY

What started this all, was a quiet drop on on Halloween 2008 - was it a trick or treat? Perhaps both, but the whitepaper changed the course of history. Ten years later, and we see an explosion of innovators, imitators, and idiots. Gauntlets are thrown, who will rise to the top? Not all whitepapers are created equal.

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