Walking the talk

Updated: May 6, 2021


A post-centralized advertisement world.

We knew instantly - if we were going to carve out a presence in the decentralized dimension, and build an online presence, in which is being touted as Web 3.0, it would be paramount to carry the alien with us all the way through.

No Facebook

No #Twitter

No Instagram

No Ads

No Google Adwords

No Analytics


Decentralized, just like Tim Berners Lee and CERN intended.

The companies aforementioned are larger than most states in America, and most countries in the world: influence, resources, cash, and thusly, power. Too much? That is for another missive, albeit there is clear resistance from lesser powers all around the globe that have said, yes.

Is it crazy to approach a content platform without utilizing any of these stable tools in a product-to-market digital space, sure. Who cares?

Crazy got us where we are. Skin in the game got us where we are. Some walk the walk, others talk the talk - why not walk the talk?

If we’re going to be a media platform talking about decentralization, DAPPS, DAOs, DAGS, and the rest, we best do our damndest to support that which we mention.

Utilizing d.Tube, a decentralized YouTube, to showcase our content, and support a burgeoning community, through the Steem blockchain, an umbrella which is rapidly springboarding an aggressive social media ecosystem, is to invoke a complete scenario of both theory in practice.

Thusly, we do have position in this, because our content, is our proof-of-work. On the steem blockchain, what you create, is also the act of mining., steemit (decentralized Facebook), Steepshot (decentralized Instagram), (decentralized Twitch), d.sound (decentralized itunes) are being managed through IPFS, aka, the interplanetary file system, an eventual global evolution to replace the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, along with its additional Transfer Layer Security, which makes up HTTPS.

With the engagement on these DAPPs, the upvotes and comments act as a layer 1 level of analytics.

In time, we will port our site unto this platform as well. All of our graphical, textual assets/PDFs will be hashed unto the Bitcoin blockchain, by way of the great folks of, a digital assets broker helping artists and digital creators claim attribution, copyright, and claim to their creations in an extreme-velocity digital world.

Also, we ask that you consider using the new browser, Brave, a new web retrieval resource that focuses on latency, security, and ad-free experience, developed in tandem by the Mozilla Foundation and Brandon Eich (the inventor of JavaScript). Within the past few months, they have release the BAT, or Basic Attention Token, a Web 3.0 which historically re-orients the publisher/advertiser relationship.

It pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while providing advertisers with more in return for their ads.”

By setting up your wallet in the browser, you would be able to learn how crytocurrency wallets work, and be able to engage with your favorite publishers directly by donating increments of your BAT to those creators. Note, our position in this is not on the original investment side, but on the usership end. We want to support our favorite producers as well, and the BAT is just the beginning to erecting an anti-fragile relationship with those we choose to have on the web.

Some call it death by a thousand paper cuts, how about life by a thousand cell divisions. Even organisms begin with a hard-fork - sorry bacteria and algae. It is time that the web become a higher form of cellular being, and we must part from one bond, and move into another. Advertising as we understand it, vis-a-vis, churn modeling, single-cell

Do we really enjoy being sold our own dopamine addictions? That’s rhetorical to say the least.

Our calls to attention deserve a better class of distribution and we’re going to give it to you.

This advertisement is being brought to you by tracker-resistant and FUD-free intention.

A post-advertisement world is not ad-free, simply conscientious of one’s attention.

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