Rarible is one of the most innovative NFT marketplaces, currently.*

* Currently is always pending

Their in-house RARI token doubles as a utility token where community users can invoke them for privileges such as voter, curation, and submission powers.

Their market cap is north of $400 million dollars.

The ERC-20, ERC-1155, & ERC-721 functions.


Once you create a profile w/ Metamask, you are able to create your own NFT.

  1. Choose a file: PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 or MP3. Max 30MB

  2. Choose weather you want to put it on the marketplace or simply showcase it, creating your own NFT gallery.

  3. A | Set

a fixed price^1 B | Timed Auction^2 C | Unlimited Auction^3

  1. Set the conditions of unlocked content once the purchase/bid has been made between you and the new owner. (Markdown syntax is supported).

  2. Choose between whether the NFT collection will be an ERC-721 token or a RARI one. If an ERC-721 collection, a new window will be produced, requesting a series of new fields to populate to detail and showcase the collection.

  1. Choose a Title for the work

  2. (optional) Provid

e a description

  1. Set the resale Royalty percentage

  2. (optional) Describe a unit size for the NFT

  3. Create the item

//NOTE// Currently the GAS fee to mint is 0.001701 ETH ( < $5 USD)

^1 You'll have a variety of options of tokens to set the price in. The default is Ether. Also, there is a service fee of 2.5%.

^2 Here, you will enter the minimum bid (which is defaulted to WETH, standing for 'Wrapped Ether' which is the standard on Rarible for making bids. The ratio between WETH and ETH is 1:1, so changing back and forth requires no loss. Pick your starting day and ending day.

^3 Ad infinitum till satisfaction of highest bid is met.

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