OpenSea is one of the first and surviving digital file brokers on the internet.

 //Consider [] as a precursor//

With ≈ 6400^1 ₿ in sales thus far generated, they are the pre-imminent clearinghouse for all things non-fungible

in the burgeoning space.

Many Web3 wallets are now applicable to use with OpenSea participation, whether creating, selling, reselling, and/or buying.

They possess an above-average resource repository for interested individuals with a curiosity for more in-depth acumen to the technology behind NFT's, namely ERC-721, ERC-20, & ERC-1155 protocols.

Recently, they added an NFT Bible doc that provides a thorough 101 on all you need to know about the smart-contract de jure.

Extensive tutoria

ls exist on how to build tokens and contracts.*


If you want to buy Ether to pay for to fill up your MetaMask Wallet, neither the portals MoonPay nor Wyre will accept Debit Bank cards, only Visa/Mastercard Credit.

Currently, (April 2021) there is a one-time Gas fee to complete the transaction. (est. $50 USD). After which, the Web3 wallet that made the GAS transaction will be authorized to sell on OpenSea without any

further costs.

*Of course, many of the tutorials possess the teleology that you direct your builds into the OpenSea ecosystem, which owns a custodial database which ultimately houses all of the digital NFT assets with no escape velocity to other ownership.

See this succinct recent Medium article about the topic. (Author holds no position in Topps or Wax, though, is a IPFS developer and advocate)

^1 or 638,881,973,194 as of 1619547702

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