For those somewhat familiar with NFT's and the world they procreate, WAX might be of m

ore interest, in regards to their transparency and developer communities.

Built not on private servers, akin to the big three of OpenSea, Rarible, and Foundation, WAX's storage layer is unique in that they house natively NFT's upon the IPFS, aka, the Interplanetary File System, a P2P global (for now) network where anyone can join for free, startup a node and participate in storing and sharing encrypted, content-addressed (rather than TCP/IP) location-addressed information. In fact, WAX published a medium article in March succinctly explaining the concerns of spending thousands or more on files of which the buyer has no idea where they are stored, nor access to.

A concern that will only inflate over time, perhaps proportional to the trends of the market.

WAX also utilizes their brand as a collaborator with legacy companies such as Topps Trading Cards, Capcom games, Atari, and individuals such as William Shatner and Deadmau5.

There exists considerable documentation for developers to build with their API's, ranging from entropy containers (fair random number generator/DRNG), Dapps, and a Cloud Wallet.*

*A recommended prerequisite for the dev aspect is their Docker integration

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