forgotten. BETRAYED. BURIED. Necessary.

Libertalia...forged by myth as the utopia of the pirate age, where those with no country, no flag, the politic of living and dying by one's own choices came with the expression of not being unmade by the past, sanctioned by the arbitrary power of royalty, guilds, corporation, and gods. Fly no flag that stays stiff in the wind. Build towards a future that is nothing but song, wonder, rebel, grace, all the way to the impossible. Libertalia is perfect because it demands that you never are.


To be a conscionable pirate today: live like momento mori means something to you, learn like its the greatest treasure ever to be discovered, fight like the yet to be born need a parent they'll never know. Make a map or two before the adventure comes to an end.

This is a place where maps are made. Legend is a matter of building with love and menace.

Navigating through the arc of time; it is a spring. The mechanics of our intellectual plunder allure the brave;

it is here we be people of fortune, thus we seek it.


Fail and be rewarded

El Darado is the journey

Learn to fall

Draw bad mountains

Live in dirty worlds

Invent a middle finger

See Kaldor-Hicks

Power &


Radiation is currency

Powering what we see

What we sense

What we gravitate towards

Polarity created

Entertained by Repulsion

Connected to play

ad infinitum

See the Lectures



The Flags we fly

Will hang us

Closed is the knot

A hot loop so random

Crow's nest

Chase those joules

While walking the Planck's



See the Fire 

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